Time 17-19 March,2022
Area Asia
Place Tüyap Fair & Congress Center, Istanbul
Industry Medical Care
Exhibition Details

Expomed Eurasia

Exhibition Overview

The Istanbul Laboratory Technology and Equipment Expo (Expomed Eurasia), held at the TUYAP Exhibition Center in Istanbul, is the most important and comprehensive marketing platform in the medical field of Eurasia. The exhibition was held concurrently with Labtech Istanbul International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Expothermal Istanbul Healthcare Exhibition. A total of 1,518 companies from 42 countries participated in the 2019 exhibition. The exhibition opened a total of 6 different exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 68,000 square meters. At the same time, 41,997 professionals from all over the world visited the exhibition. A total of 274 VIP buyers from 20 countries were invited to join the special buyer program of the exhibition. At the same time, 99 VIP buyers from Turkey were invited to the exhibition. The head of the city's hospital alliance, 42 heads of medical organizations from 30 cities in Turkey, and 300 member companies of the Anatolian Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the exhibition also invited Florence Nightingale, Acıbadem, Memorial, Liv, Bayındır, Medical Park, İstanbul Cerrahi, Medicana Hospitals, German Hospital Group (Istanbul) and the official delegation of the Deputy Minister of Medical Affairs of Azerbaijan to visit the exhibition.

Market Introduction

Turkey has implemented medical improvement projects since 2003. The annual medical expenditure of the state budget is 38 billion U.S. dollars, and the medical industry income reaches 10.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 6.2% of the national GDP. Public and private medical institutions in Turkey have developed strongly in recent years. Turkey is also the sixth largest pharmaceutical market in Europe. The Turkish medical equipment market is developing rapidly and is one of the 30 largest markets in the world. Its medical equipment market has a market value of US$2.1 billion. It is estimated that by 2015, the market value of the Turkish medical equipment market is expected to reach 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the market potential is huge.

Range of Exhibition

Medical equipment: medical equipment, electronic medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, testing equipment, medical optical equipment, X-ray equipment, imaging equipment, scanning equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound diagnosis, clinical laboratory analysis equipment, hemodialysis equipment, dental equipment , Anesthesia breathing equipment, insertion diagnosis, dialysis equipment, hospital and facility management services, products, devices and equipment;

Medical consumables: operating room, emergency room, consulting room equipment, operating room clothes, shoes, gloves, various medical scalpels, pliers, scissors, teeth and bone polishing, drilling tools, microscopes, instruments, small electronic instruments, disposable Supplies, consumables, cotton textiles, disposable syringes, blood transfusion sets, sanitary napkins, test tubes, band-aids, masks, bandages, earpieces, tool boxes, work clothes, medical suitcases, gloves, syringes, etc.;

Rehabilitation products: portable physical therapy and orthopedic product equipment and systems, orthopedic equipment, walkers, massagers, health beds, medical beds, medical bathtubs, health products for various parts of the human body, eye masks, crutches, wheelchairs, health care clothing, fitness equipment, Aids for the disabled, etc.;

Health care products: home health care products, small household diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment equipment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment and supplies, oral and dental health care products and other related products, health care appliances, etc.;

Experimental equipment: medical analytical instruments and attached equipment, chromatography instruments and attached equipment, laboratory extraction and filtration equipment, laboratory utensils, various reagents, test papers, test tubes, electronic instruments and equipment, pharmacy, disinfection cabinets, chemicals, heating instruments, Chemical reagents, laboratory supplies, etc.