Regarding the relevant situation of the German exhibition, the online and offline MEDICA exhibition

2021-09-28 14:23

1.Sino-French-German Video Summit:

On the evening of July 5, President Xi Jinping held a video summit with French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel in Beijing.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the current global epidemic situation is still severe and the prospects for economic recovery are uncertain. The world needs mutual respect and sincere cooperation more than ever before, instead of suspicion of opposition and zero-sum games. It is hoped that China and the EU will expand consensus and cooperation and play an important role in properly responding to global challenges.

First, insist on correct mutual understanding.

Second, expand mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.

Third, maintain true multilateralism.

Fourth, persist in building an overall stable and balanced relationship between major powers.

The leaders of the three countries also exchanged views on African issues. Xi Jinping pointed out that Africa is the region with the most concentrated areas of developing countries, the most difficult task in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic and achieving economic recovery, and it is also the continent with the greatest development potential. China has provided and is currently providing vaccines to more than 40 African countries and AU committees, and actively supports Africa in improving localized vaccine production capacity. China has signed debt relief agreements or reached consensus on debt relief with 19 African countries, and has participated constructively in sustainable development plans such as the "Great Green Wall of Africa". It is hoped that the European side will increase its support and assistance to Africa, provide more vaccines to African countries in urgent need, help Africa cope with debt pressure, and realize Africa's economic recovery and green and low-carbon development at an early date. We welcome France and Germany to join the "Support Africa Development Partnership Initiative" jointly initiated by China and Africa to carry out tripartite, four-party or multi-party cooperation.

2.Entry status in Germany and MEDICA exhibition in Germany:

Germany can currently support entry, but it needs to provide corresponding materials, such as a German visa (visa (visit) exhibition type), proof of travel purpose, electronic declaration, and COVID negative test result certificate. To enter China from Germany, you need to apply for a green health code and a green QR code, and land at the corresponding airport for isolation.

The settlement of entry and exit issues also means that it will not be a problem to travel to participate in the Medica exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany on November 15-18, 2021.