Project Service
Exhibition Service: About Booth
Yituo Exhibition is the official agent of overseas exhibitions, and all recommended exhibitions are official agents in China. Global exhibition and regional exhibition resources, in-depth industry hot markets.
Exhibition service: About Building
Yituo Exhibition is committed to global exhibition design and construction services. It has many years of experience in popular exhibition services to meet domestic customers' overseas special decoration needs, brand image promotion, and provide you with a global one-stop booth design and construction service.
Exhibition Service: About Visa
Based on the actual situation of exhibiting customers, Yituo Exhibition will plan detailed and effective visa application plans for customers, assist customers in preparing visa application materials and documents, and provide customers with comprehensive, convenient and fast one-stop visa application services.
Exhibition Service: About Itinerary
Yituo Exhibition provides more professional business itinerary arrangements during the exhibition, with a dedicated person leading the team, saving you more time and energy. At the same time, we can also provide more detailed solutions for your special itinerary.
Exhibition Design
A service website integrating construction services, product production, and booth landing has been built around the world to realize on-site construction with high efficiency, high quality and low cost; an international perspective integrates industry research foundations, and all elements of overall planning, presenting unique ideas for corporate booth design Highlights; forward-looking vision and advanced concepts, to consider the overall, long-term and basic issues of display design and construction projects; the display design department assists brand empowerment, and is committed to providing enterprises with booth design, creative construction and construction at home and abroad. Brand marketing plan.
Exhibition Planning
The Event Planning Department leverages global exhibitions and displays, relying on the established one-stop convention and exhibition ecosystem to provide corporate brands with the most cutting-edge and innovative brand design; integrate professional media, industry associations, and corporate academies resources to deeply explore the brand event market Solutions, in-depth analysis of the program planning links, so that the brand solutions can understand the company better; Yituo Exhibition is committed to providing the best customized solutions for corporate exhibition brand marketing, through continuous segmentation of links to optimize the program links, and use professional people to do Professional work to enhance the global awareness of the corporate brand.
Digital Exhibition

With COVID-19 sweeping the world, the technical conditions and industrial environment of the industrial Internet are becoming more mature, and a new wave of technology is infiltrating the traditional industries shaped by the previous industrial revolution. The suspension of the exhibition economy has forced companies to find new market breakthroughs, and the online economy has become an inevitable topic; with the help of digitally interconnected brand solutions, create a more creative display platform, improve brand interactive promotion, and reduce market costs; Convenient digital platform, integrating product advantages to break the limitations of offline promotion.